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Fax broadcasting service dedicates to the customer who has a massive fax-out demand.  We are using the most professional fax system from US, which supports up to 96 lines each, with stably highest speed (33.6K) faxing reliably to dedicated customer group.  From now on, you can send over hundred thousand promotions a day via our fax broadcasting service.

Fax Broadcast is the most effective and lowest cost promotion media; we provide fax broadcasting service without any minimum charge.  All you have to do is only let us know your requirements, and we guarantee to keep all your provided information confidential.  We provide the high efficiency professional service with the unbelievable low price (up to HK$0.035/page).

As your business strategy partner, we also provide one stop service (i.e. planning j design j layout j broadcasting j report).  Our professional designer would help you to tailor made your own promotion leaflet, and then promote to all the potential customers with the highest speed via our fax broadcasting service.  With us, you can expand your business more efficiency.

Facsimile - opportunity infinite effect

(1) Nowadays, handout distribution is prohibited in most of the commercial/Industrial buildings; even if some of the handouts successful threw in the company mailboxes, but there were always different or even similar leaflets, so your leaflet will always unkept by the recipient.

The cost of tradition mails high - printing, paper, man-power and postage cost; it is always 20 to 50 times higher than Fax Broadcasting, so many companies no longer used.

Although present network is well developed, but also possibly 100-1000 junk mails reach customers computer per day.  Therefore, most of the enterprises (no matter big or small enterprises) have used the SPAM Filter to Block all the SPAM mails. Although your advertising email can fortunately reach customers computer, present electricity postal software like Outlook/Outlook Express runs the advertisement picture (JPEG picture) blockade in order to avoid any virus, and the propaganda potency of your email advertisement will therefore decreased; even though the customer has received, but it will possibly be deleted without reading or even open, so is there any probability your potential customer would read your email advertisement?  Yes, but the percentage almost 0; and you will possibly bear the legal liabilities, because SPAM mail is illegal in some countries.

There are still many traditional companies using fax as their usual communication way, they even dont have any email address.  So, coverage of fax broadcasting is absolutely greater than email.

(5) People always think that the cost of fax broadcasting must be higher than email, but in fact, fax advertisement usually becomes a circular in a company; compare with email V only the email owner can read or sometimes deleted before open.

Service characteristic

The Fax2World Fax Broadcasting service is an value-added service that provides by Faith Xpress, you dont have wait in front of the fax machine or the computer, the only thing that you have to do is giving us your broadcast information, and we shall rapidly take action for your broadcasting.  Please find the following characteristics of the Fax2World Fax Broadcasting:

Best Quality V we are using the US specialized fax system, so quality is guarantee perfect.

(2) Express Service V sending over ten thousand faxes per day.

(3) Immediate Action V immediate execution will be done by a specialist once receiving your fax document and database.  In order to provide you a reliable service, multichannel, simultaneously transmit is guaranteed.

One Stop Service V in order to save your time, we provide the one stop service (i.e. planning Ø design Ø layout Ø broadcasting Ø report).

(5) Duplication Block V all duplicate numbers would be deleted automatically from the database, so single fax per customer confirmed.

(6) Automatic Resend V automatic resend would be done up to twice for unsuccessful fax numbers, and you can also request for additional retry after that.  So that the successful percentage would be higher.

(7) Expected Result - conforms [the telecommunication administrative bureau (telecommunication authority) fax advertising direction] to provide legal fax broadcasting service, that we shall not disturb the recipient to receive important/business faxes (advertisement also to be able to observe relevant stipulation which enable you to meet with your expected promotion result).

Not-to-Fax List V we provide Not-to-Fax List, which provides by OFTA, or you can also provide your own Not-to-Fax List and we support both.

Report V we provide truly and detailed report, lets you understand whether most of the recipients received your document or not, which is cer. Does not receive any administrative expense.

No Investment Needed V with our service, you never need to buy or upgrade any equipment, even fax line and broadband are also no need.  So, you do not need to pay a cent for the maintenance or repair fee.

(11) International Fax Service V we use the US professional fax system to reduce the transmission time, and the IDD cost will therefore be saved.

Lower Cost V compare with the direct mailing, printing, paper, man-power and postage costs can all be cut, so you can then save up to 80% 90% of cost.

Flexible Benefit V in order to fit for different customers, we provide multiple service plans, which could be charged per page or per line.

Suitable for You

Sales & Marketing V No matter boss or sales representatives would all hope the sales turnover rise everyday, so, to expand your business, simply use Fax2World fax broadcast service frequently to promote your services/products to the right customers.

Newsletter/Notice V using Fax2World fax broadcast service to send your periodical newsletter or notice to members/subscribers/customers group, to ensure your news transmission to be more effective and deliver in time.

Notice from Headquarter/Dealer to Branches/Retailers V large enterprises using Fax2World fax broadcast service regularly to post the notices or instructions to various subsidiaries/branches; Dealers send latest market news and strategy instructions to retailers by Fax2World fax broadcast.


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